Hanna’s Internship Story

Working at Flint Hill Farm as the cheesemaking intern was a great experience.

I would like to have my own farm one day and and this was my first step to getting

there. I learned everything from milking the cows, goats and sheep to packaging

and selling dairy products at farmers markets. My favorite part was working with the

animals. It is a great feeling when everything goes exactly how you planned and all

the animals go exactly where they are supposed too.  I also had the pleasure to

halter train some calves and sheep. Seeing the outcome of the work I put into those

animals makes so much of a difference when they need to be milked or vet checked.

I wasn’t so sure how well I would do with the cheesemaking, I haven’t really had

any experience with cheese other than eating it. After making various cheeses

I found out that it is quite fun to see milk become cheese, especially when it is the

milk that you yourself got from the cow that same morning. Some of the cheeses

I made were cheddar, mozzarella, and chèvre.  I learned how to make other dairy

products as well, such as yogurt, kefir and buttermilk. It is amazing to think that

different breeds of cows can make different tasting cheese.  For example Jersey cows

have way more cream in their milk and because of that their cheese tastes a lot

better than from some other breeds like Holsteins. After working on the farm for about

a year and working with lots of different animals I figured out that I would like to

have a sheep dairy farm so I can continue making cheeses.

-Hanna Walker

    Flint Hill Farm Cheese Internship 2018

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