Alpine and Nubian Goat Kids and Jersey Calves for sale




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Flint Hill Farm Ag: located at Flint Hill Farm,

Coopersburg, PA 18036  610-838-2928

  • Flint Hill Farm Ag breeds Alpine Dairy goats.
  • Kidding runs the end of March to mid April of each year
  • We will have approximately 25 kids on the ground by mid April 2022. Please call for appointment.  All kids were  sold by Easter of each year unless prior arrangements made.

IMG_4265  IMG_4248

  • We have 6 Jersey cows due in June and July and presently 1 Jersey heifers, Merry Christmas, born Christmas Day and one Sarah, calved mid July 2021
  • We are training our 6 month old Jersey steer to work as a single oxen.  Presently have on 6 month old halter broke and used for community events
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