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Cheese Making Classes for individuals or groups

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Mozzarella making Flint Hill Farm and Wines offered by  Villa Milagro or BYO


Flint Hill Farm Educational Center, Inc. offers its cheeses for sale through the following sites:

  • On-site Farm Store and website order and shipping
  • Rose Garden Farmers Market in Bethlehem,
  • Lower Saucon Farmers Market in Hellertown

We are very proud of the quality of cheeses we offer.  Presently we make on site 7 hr cow mozzarella, goat milk mozzarella, jersey cow milk cheddar-natural and assorted flavors (rosemary, garlic, habanero, sundried tomato/basil depending on season), cow milk fromage ( a soft spreadable cheese similar to cream cheese) and chevre-natural and mixed with assorted herbs, local flowers and dried fruits.  This year we are opening our dairy to the community to work along with us in making our cheeses.

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OPTIONS for our most asked for class: AM/PM $80.00 per person for making raw cow milk cheddar and 30 minute mozzarella.  Class runs from 8AM till 2:30 PM.  Includes a cheeses tasting/tea or coffee time at the 10:30 AM break.  Go home with all the information you will need to make your cheeses at home!        cheesemaking-17

Customer Testimonial: “I bought my boyfriend the cheese-making class for his birthday and he absolutely LOVED it. When we got to the farm, Kathy was warm and friendly and extremely informative. We started with milking the cows and went through the process of making both cheddar cheese as well as mozzarella. Kathy walked us through each step in detail and it was really a lot of fun! Kathy gave us a bunch of resources so my boyfriend could get started on trying to make his own cheeses. We were given samples of cheeses and yogurt to try as well as given some to take home with us. It was an excellent adventure! In addition to the cheese making class, it was just amazing to see the farm and how it works as well. We hope to come back in the Spring with the kids! Thank you so much Kathy!!”   cheesemaking-16



Courses Available:

Saturdays by appointment

Chevre and 30 minute mozzarella AM Class

  • $45 per person
  • Take home the mozzarella you make!
  • 8AM – Noon

Cheddar cheese making

  • 8AM –2PM AM/PM class together $80.00 per person

Call for scheduling o;ptions:

Cheddar and 30 minute mozzarella AM/PM class= $80 per person

Experience the thrill of watching the cow milked that day to become mozzarella before your eyes!

Cover the theory for Cheddar, start the culture, add the rennet and watch your curds form! Heat, hang and press your curds from the morning milk with this amazing experience!

Take home a great time, experience and a 8 oz. wedge of the finished cheddar for your work experience.

Time approx 8AM – 2PM.


Class scheduled by appointment

Mozzarella 7hr hand stretched.

This experience covers milking, pasteurization, cultures and rennet, handling of whey, ph evaluation and heating and stretching of the cheese.

This class involves handling of very hot water and use of gloves for hand protection during stretching (parental oversite a must-ages over 14 advised). Handouts and samples of cheese are provided for each participant.

AM/PM session $80.00 per person  8AM-4PM

Please call (610) 838-2928 or email for questions or to set up a class. Look forward to a GREAT Cheesemaking time!




The classes run on a first come/first serve basis for individuals or groups.  We:

  • $45 per person (AM or PM Session)
  • $80 per person for both AM & PM Sessions
  • Group rates also available
    • Space limited – 6 Adults or Adults and  Children (4 years old and over however  younger can be accommodated for 30 minute mozzarella)
  • Chedder cheese making available by appointment to allow for more flexible mornings

Milking cows and goats in the morning an option for any of the AM classes. Milking begins at 6:30 AM; $10 donation per person for just milking

Discount available for including the cheese classes with an overnight farmstay. Please call for information.  Visit

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