Farm Stay Overview

Welcome Friends to Flint Hill Farm! 

The farmhouse is my home and I am welcoming you to stay for a time with  us!

Flint Hill Farm is presently a 26 acre preserved farm dating to 1850. The farm went into PA Farm Preservation in 2001.  The original family farm was somewhere around 60 acres and the families grew hay, had an orchard, and raised chickens, pigs, steer, and dairy cows along with assorted barn cats and farm dogs. I personally had the pleasure of meeting members of two families- Cicons and Hassicks- who lived here over the previous 100 years before I came here in 1997.

The history of the farming heritage is reflected in the beautiful original beams visible in the living room ceiling, the beautiful 3 season porch and cozy gardens.  The farm rests at the top of Flint Hill, the second highest point in Lehigh County, thus, we have our own weather (about 10 degrees colder than at the bottom of the hill and there is always a west to east breeze keeping the farmhouse and barns cool in the summer and brisk in the winter!  Although the farm house was completely renovated in 1998, it was updated with the plan of retaining the homes original warmth and charm. It was indeed a family’s farmhouse, thus it didn’t have a modern bathroom till 1960’s.  Thus there is one upstairs bathroom that is shared by all FarmStay visitors.  Long term, there are plans for expansion of accommodations; however, those are in the future

Looking forward to sharing with you, our visitors, the blessing of farm life here at Flint Hill.  All the chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, pigs, cows and horses look forward to welcoming you during your stay!


Flint Hill Farm Safety Check List for Visitors

Please enjoy the farm but SAFETY is our goal for you!

A Farm is class 4 risk-equal to airplane parachuting


  1. Children are to be supervised by their parents or guardians at all times.
  2. No entrance into any of the animal pens without farm staff supervision
  3. During milking or moving of cows-all visitors are to remain behind the wooden barrier AT ALL TIMES
  4. Please be aware and don’t touch the electric fencing- they are active and can produce a painful shock
  5. Do not feed the farm animals without permission
  6. Never feed the farm dogs
  7. Our German Shepherds Walter and Eileen are working dogs- Please let her alone so they can do her work, unless she comes up to greet you.  Jerry, Stevie and Molly are our LGD Great Pyrenees.  They guard our chickens, ducks and goats.  However, they are great with children and visiting families.  You are welcome to visit with them.
  8. Maps are available to safely understand where visitors are welcome to walk and location of farm animals
  9. Visitor parking is located at the outdoor riding ring, facing the ring.
  10. Do not climb on hay bales in the barns or on the machinery.


Please enjoy your time at the Farm – think SAFETY

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